Kandypens RUBI vs Juul Pens Comparison

Kandypens RUBI vs Juul Pens The KandyPens Rubi is a vaping device, or an e-cigarette, just like Juul Pens. Both are superior e-cigs that can give stiff competition to the best e-cigarettes to be found on the market today. S which of these is the best for you? Here is a Kandypens RUBI vs Juul […]

Vapir No2 Review – Best Portable Vaporizer

Vapir no2 Review The digital display of the Vapir no2 portable Vaporizer enables the user to easily and quickly adjust the temperature. The display system also enables the users to know the level of temperature at any point in time. Vapir no2 review highlights the accuracy and control of the heating system which provides an […]

How to use the Vapir No2 Portable Vaporizer Guide

How to use Vapir No2 The beginners, as well as the vaping experts, will find that Vapir no2 portable vaporizer is very simple and easy to use. When we come to know how to use Vapir no2 we realize that the device has a very simple and user-friendly setup. Due to the smaller size of […]

How to Fix the Vapir No2 Vaporizer (When it is not working or charging)

How to fix the┬áVapir no2┬ánot working or charging Vapir no2, one of the most convenient vaporizer to be used on the go, may disappoint you at times; you may tend to feel extremely irritable when it denies working smoothly or even get charged up. What would you do in such cases? Will it be difficult […]

Vapir No2 Best Temperature Use Guide

Vapir No2 best temperature guide Vapir No2 is an avant-garde invention of the 21st century; it is known to be having much fewer flaws than the ones used since 1997 since it was invented in California. It is not only rechargeable but also is a portable being of the convenient size and light weight. This […]